What we offer


  • Lack of “Norwegian approach” e.g. understanding local procedures, the way people work, will hamper the profitability of the projects. We understand the cultures – both similarities and differences- and how it affects the business.
  • Based on our own developed methodology we analyze the market and perform gap analysis of your company.
  • Recommendation of alternatives regarding business entry, etc., or simply advice you on specific topics your company should know about to succeed with its business in Norway. Quality assurance is always our main focus.

Our expertise areas are IT -, telecom – and engineering companies, and we are proud to say that Acciona Engineering is among our current customers.


Commercializing in Spain

  • Develop the whole Start-Up Plan from scratch and carry out a complete “go to market” business plan for the Spanish market.
  • Finding the right human resources.
  • Advice and follow up of the execution plan together with the Spanish partners and your company, to bridge the two cultures together and ensure quality implementation.

We adjust our assistance to your request providing you with the support your company may need for a successful launch in Spain. Phonr Norway and Meamango are presently using our services to launch in Spain.



Why execute the whole value chain in a high cost country, when you can do it in Spain?

  • Delivery of the whole recruitment process of Spaniards to your Scandinavian company, or only the initial search of Norwegian candidates for you to continue your head hunting job in Norway. Our Norwegian team in Madrid ensures a high quality deliverance. See more on Frisk Bris R&C.
  • Finding the right partner for you to outsource e.g. IT/web development jobs from Scandinavian companies at a lower cost, quality assured by Scandinavians both in Norway and in Spain. We currently collaborate with Swedish-lead IT-company in Madrid.

Working with us gives you at least three main advantages as a client company:



Processes and methodologies

“Quality assurance is key”

Our processes and methodology have been developed over the years, in order to excel regarding one issue: ”What are the main differences doing business in Spain vs. Norway?” How to be aware of the differences, and how to cope with them in order to develop business between the countries are essentials for us at Frisk Bris SL. We gather very specific information in domains such as Resources, Technology, Product, Methodology, QHSE, Project delivery, Sales collateral, and identify, prioritize and pursue opportunities specifically adapted to your company.


Quality network

“Well positioned in the Spanish market”

Our high quality network in different segments, across boundaries, is a valuable asset that we can provide to our customers.  Thus, we can pull in experts within different segments in both countries if needed. We ensure efficient business development services between Spain and Scandinavia and we cover multiple domains. Our main areas of expertise  are IT -, telecom, – and engineering companies. Ask us for more information.



“Making business happen”

Team Frisk Bris has proven start-up and business success in Spain, and with our services we will help your company become more profitable, more cost effective, more successful, more predictable and more agile. It is always important to bear in mind the differences  the various  cultures bring, and we gladly give your company a helping hand to achieve your goals either you are a Spanish company developing business in Norway, or a Scandidavian company looking South for success. For instance, Acciona Engineering worked closely with us to emphasize what is important when delivering Norwegian tenders, and the result could not have been better as they were part of winning the tender on the prestigious Follo-line, worth a total of €1 billion. The Norwegian way is key!